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We value business developers, innovation and entrepreneurship mindset. This kind of skills can solve problems, create innovations and contribute to a more equal and creative culture in organizations. Developing competitiveness is about the management's and employees' ability to transform new conditions into commercial success. We help you to see and understand the consequences of change and give you the right knowledge, tools and training to lead, create new ways to impact and development. Always with the future in mind.

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Find the Innovator and creator in each person at work. Do your company needs more value based - Self leaders to make your teams grow even more and increase the well-being of the company.
Add a pice of value.

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We have 15 years of experience working in projects to add innovation, creativity, self-esteem and to connect business and industry with the next generation of employees. We are good at future trends and digital communication.

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 The "Box-mindset" is needed in organisations to make structure works. But when the structure and groundfoundation is there. You need an Innovation manager or an Innovation consultant with project management knowledge.

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Innovation has never been as present as it is today, everyone talks about innovation, people read about innovation everywhere. But what exactly is innovation and what does innovation management mean? There are many different ideas and innovation opportunities for every organization. In order to systematically find and use them, innovation management is necessary. Future generation needs innovation at their work place. So start today to attract the talents of tomorrow and to challenge your team today, to always be curious about renewal and diversity.


innovation Consultant

If innovation management is still a completely new chapter in your company, no worry. We can help you to build a culture of innovation and create intrapreneurship in the organization.

Idea manager

In this role, we creative a spirit that develops and seeks ideas. We do the screening of various sensors and innovation sources, conducts workshops for brainstorming, uses innovation tools and derives ideas from all these activities.

Futurist TEAM

The futurologist works closely with the innovation strategist. We spend time to research into future trends and their impact on the company.  We view your innovation strategy from an outsiders perspective. If you don´t have one, we create one.

Innovation scout

An innovation scout opens up its ideas process to the outside world and searches for ideas and new technologies outside the company in the sense of open innovation. We can also create an in house Innovation hub.

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Wall of fame

We had one of Piece of Values Idea Managers here.  Maria challenge your thoughts and makes you start to change and improve for your personal best and the company.  Your will power for development increases from the first workshop session.

Volvo, Product Manager

We started our cooperation with Piece of Value 2017 and since then it is a regular and very satisfied customer.  We have an internal innovation hub that used their top consultant Maria as an idea consultant and event speaker.

ABB, Communication center

I would definitely recommend this company. We got Maria, she is fully committed and always bringing useful and positives ideas, her hard work was key for the success of the European Innovation Council Summit.  That is a high level business event of the European Commission with 850 participants from 36 countries.

European Commission,
International Business

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